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Reward program
What is the reward program?
What is the reward program?
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I hope you are not using a scheduler for the first time. Chances are that you've tried our main competitor, Calendly!

Traditionally, software companies grow either by spending on marketing or having a sales outreach team. Both need a big budget is tough for startups at their early stage without much VC funding.

But for some types of products, there is a free way of marketing strategy called Product-led Growth (PLG)

What is PLG?

For products that connect with someone else when you use it or share with someone, there is an opportunity to get a new user. some examples here-

  1. Dropbox- you share files with someone and they get to see Dropbox

  2. Calendly- You book meetings with someone and they see Calendly

Is there something wrong with it?

Not and there is no harm to users. It happens knowingly or unknowingly by the user.

But no company will credit these early adopters for their contribution and even don't care for them later when the company is at profit.

What is the difference with Supermeet then?

We at Supermeet believe that early users are key in crossing the chasm of growth and they should be credited for the company's future. The first users are worth more than an external investor's money. The trust and feedback loop built in the early days takes the company from zero to something!

A decent way of crediting the users is to allow them to get something in return for their trust and their time.

  1. A lifetime account on the product

  2. A discounted pricing

  3. Earn money as the company grows!

We see all of our early adopters as our day-one VCs and we would like to treat them as investors who get money in return for their investment towards our growth.


Join the reward program and earn real money when a new user is added to Supermeet via your influence.

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