How Supermeet works?
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Supermeet has 4 main components as you can see in the main menu.

  1. Events

  2. Conversations

  3. Responses

  4. Bookings


Like any other appointment schedulers you might have used, events help you to set availabilities for a specific kind of meeting

Conversations= (Dialogue flows + Events)

Conversations are the main difference from other schedulers out there. Instead of using static and boring forms, Supermeet lets you build interactive conversations to collect leads, qualify them, and make appointments. You can build conversations for 3 types of interfaces as follows-

  1. Meeting links to share with anyone

  2. Embed widgets to use in a specific area of a website

  3. Chatbot for any type of website


Responses are collected when someone interacts with your conversation types.

This will help you to export visitors who entered information but didn't make a booking.


The booking view is simply a list that shows your upcoming and past bookings from all of the conversation types.

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